With only 25 years since its foundation in the city of Bogota, SIACOMEX has established itself as a top-level customs broker in the country, positioning itself thanks to the emphasis on personalized, friendly and clear attention with clients of all types and size. We currently have offices in the largest ports and main cities in the country. We also have an optimal physical and virtual infrastructure that allows us to maximize our effectiveness.

As a customs broker, we comply with the highest standards of technical knowledge and agility for intermediation in the import and export processes of all types of merchandise. Today we can consider ourselves a multifunctional organization capable of offering all kinds of logistics solutions, either directly or through our logistics allies.

Human capital

People are the main reason our clients choose us, undoubtedly the quality and professionalism of the people who make up our organization. From the top managerial figure, our company is characterized by being open doors for everyone; customers, suppliers and employees.

A company where good treatment and clear communication prevails has allowed us to achieve, not only an excellent reputation in the market, but an ideal environment for the work and personal development of those who make up SIACOMEX.


Closely accompany the growth and development of your businesses.


Position ourselves as the best place to work, in the foreign trade sector.
Billing $ 15,000 million, with a 25% return in 2023.
Consolidate as one of the 20 best customs brokers in Colombia.