Entrust your supply chain to us. We coordinate communication and logistics operations so you can focus on growth. With over 28 years of experience and a team of over 270 people, SIACOMEX centralizes all your logistics needs in one place.
SIACOMEX boasts one of the strongest reputations in the customs agency industry. We also have partnerships with several of the largest cargo agencies, carriers, and warehouses in the country, which is why SIACOMEX currently serves more than 400 clients throughout Colombia.

We are the front of your logistics operation, all through strict quality and security management systems like BASC, ISO, and OEA, ensuring that all our operations maintain the highest industry standards.


Customs Agency

At the heart of our success as a logistics provider has always been excellence in customs processes. SIACOMEX is a Level 1 Customs Agency with nearly three decades of experience, recognized for providing high-level service to companies of all levels and industries in the national and international markets. Since the generational transition a decade ago, SIACOMEX has experienced rapid growth thanks to its special focus on technological and commercial innovation introduced by the new management.


Freight Forwarding

With more than 10 Freight Forwarders as partners and clients, SIACOMEX is nationally recognized as the Customs Agency of the largest and most important Freight Forwarders in Colombia. Among our partners, we count Schenker, BDP PSA, Transborder, Cargolog Internacional, Senator, and others. This positions us in a privileged position to offer our clients multiple options.



Thanks to our extensive experience, we have close partnerships with the country’s best transporters.



We have trusted strategic allies in storage across the country, all adhering to our standards of quality and security.


Free Trade Zone

We have strategic partners in all of the country’s most important free trade zones, with the necessary experience to optimize the logistics operations of all our clients, as well as provide additional services and industrial operations.


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