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INVIMA Guide Version 6: VUCE Processing – INVIMA Approval

  • By Siacomex
  • 20 March, 2024

Technical Analysis of the INVIMA Guide Version 6: VUCE Processing – INVIMA Approval


The updated INVIMA Guide Version 6 by the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (INVIMA) provides clear guidelines for the proper submission of import and export intentions. This guide is crucial for ensuring compliance with the necessary procedures to obtain INVIMA’s approval through the Single Window for Foreign Trade (VUCE 2.0).

Objective of the Guide

The main objective of this guide is to facilitate the process for importers and exporters in obtaining the necessary approvals for finished products, including food, alcoholic beverages, medicines, herbal products, supplements, homeopathic products, and cannabis-based cosmetics. The guide has been updated to include specific procedures required by Decree 811 of 2021 and Resolutions 539 and 227 of 2022, among other regulatory adjustments.

Steps for Processing

The steps for processing applications through VUCE are detailed in INVIMA Guide Version 6 and include the following:

  1. Access to the Guide:
    • Go to the official INVIMA website.
    • Navigate to the “Trámites y Servicios” section, then to “Grupo Autorizaciones y Licencias para Importación y Exportación (VUCE),” and finally to “Guías y documentos de orientación.”
  2. Application Procedure:
    • Complete all required fields in the application form on the VUCE 2.0 platform.
    • Attach the necessary supporting documents, ensuring they meet the technical and regulatory specifications.
  3. Special Attention to Cannabis Products:
    • For products containing cannabis, follow the specific instructions in Title II – Exportations of the guide, as INVIMA does not have a specific export module for these products in VUCE.
  4. Review and Submission:
    • Carefully review all information before submitting the application to ensure there are no errors that could delay the process.

Important Considerations

  1. Documentation: Ensure all documents are complete and up-to-date at the time of application submission.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Each application must adhere to INVIMA’s regulatory framework to meet product requirements.
  3. Tracking Submitted Applications: Continuously monitor applications submitted through the VUCE platform to stay informed of their status and respond to any additional requests promptly, as there is a deadline for closing requirements if necessary.


The INVIMA Guide Version 6: VUCE Processing – INVIMA Approval is an essential tool for importers and exporters, providing a detailed framework for complying with the necessary procedures for applications requiring INVIMA approval. Following these steps will help ensure that approval applications are processed efficiently and comply with all applicable regulations.

For the complete guide, you can consult the following link to INVIMA Guide Version 6.

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