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What is the minimum time to submit a pre-arrival import declaration when it is mandatory?

  • By Siacomex
  • 13 April, 2024

Technical Analysis of Pre-Arrival Import Declarations: Minimum Times

What is the minimum time to submit a pre-arrival import declaration when it is mandatory?

According to the current customs regime, the mandatory pre-arrival import declaration must be submitted within certain time frames depending on the mode of transport and the journey.

General Minimum Time As a general rule, the mandatory pre-arrival declaration must be submitted at least 5 calendar days before the arrival of the transportation means at the national customs territory.

Specific Cases: Maritime and Air Modes For goods arriving in the national customs territory by maritime and air modes, and whose transport from the country of origin to Colombia is considered a short journey, the mandatory pre-arrival declaration must be submitted no less than 1 calendar day before the arrival of the goods.

Additional Recommendations

It is recommended to review Circular DIAN 000005 of September 6, 2022, which details the ports and airports considered short journeys for customs purposes. This circular provides clear guidance on the specifications and requirements for submitting pre-arrival declarations on short journeys.

Complying with the minimum times established for submitting pre-arrival import declarations is crucial to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the customs process. Companies must be well-informed and prepared to submit their declarations within the stipulated timeframes to avoid penalties and ensure the swift release of their goods.

Similarly, it is advisable to maintain traceability and coordination of operations with the estimated arrival times according to the arrival notices and communications issued by the transporter, as the estimated arrival date will determine the timely compliance with the obligation.

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