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Control of Mixtures Containing Controlled Substances

  • By Siacomex
  • 5 March, 2024

Technical Analysis of Circular No. MJD-CIR24-0000017-GCSQ-30320

Control of Mixtures Containing Controlled Substances

The Subdirectorate for Control and Supervision of Chemical Substances and Narcotics of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for the administrative control of substances and products used in the illicit production of narcotics, as well as all mixtures and products containing controlled substances as specified in Article 4 of Resolution 0001 of January 8, 2015.

Composition and Verification of Products

It is crucial to verify the composition of products to determine if they contain controlled substances. If such substances were used in their manufacture, it is necessary to obtain a Technical Concept from the relevant entity. This concept must demonstrate that, according to the technical specifications and percentage chemical composition, the product is not considered controlled.

Application of Sectorial Concepts

Each case must be reviewed individually, as there are sectorial concepts for various industries such as inks, fragrances, paints, cosmetics, reagents, among others. These mixtures can contain a percentage of controlled substances not exceeding 5% of the total mixture.


It is recommended to pay special attention to products that may contain controlled substances, verify their percentage components, and determine if specific sectorial concepts apply. This will help comply with regulations in advance of importation and avoid potential sanctions due to legal restrictions.

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