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Description of Special Conditions in the Import Declaration

  • By Siacomex
  • 1 March, 2024

Technical Analysis of Resolution 57 of 2015: Special Conditions of Goods in the Description

Description of Special Conditions in the Import Declaration

Resolution 57 of 2015 mandates that for the importation of goods with any special market condition, it is obligatory to specify this condition in the description of the import declaration.

Article 1, Paragraph 1

Specifically, Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the resolution outlines the conditions that must be indicated for certain types of goods:

  • Used Goods
  • Imperfect Goods
  • Repaired Goods
  • Reconstructed Goods
  • Refurbished Goods
  • Retreaded Goods
  • Substandard Goods
  • Inventory Surplus
  • Remanufactured Goods
  • Waste
  • Surplus
  • Scrap

These conditions must be explicitly stated, in addition to including the corresponding descriptions as per the article.

Importance of Detailed Description

The detailed description of special conditions in the import declaration serves several important functions:

  • Transparency: Ensures that all involved parties are aware of the specific characteristics of the product.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Facilitates adherence to customs regulations and prevents penalties.
  • Quality Control: Assists customs authorities in monitoring and controlling the quality of goods entering the country.
  • Consumer Protection: Ensures that end consumers receive products that meet the described and expected conditions.

Declaration Procedure

To comply with these regulations, importers must ensure that:

  • The descriptions in the import declaration explicitly include the mentioned special conditions.
  • The documentation presented is accurate and complete to avoid issues during customs inspection.

Resolution 57 of 2015 emphasizes the need to clearly describe any special condition of goods in the import declaration, in addition to the mandatory minimum descriptions for each product depending on its tariff classification. This not only ensures compliance with customs regulations but also protects market integrity and consumer safety.

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